We use Jessica Nail Polishes,  a wide choice of colours are available.

Manicure & Pedicure combined 1hr 45mins £62
Gelaration Manicure & Pedicure 2hrs £75 (lasts approx 2-3 weeks)

We can of course remove any polish you have on,  but so you can have more time in your manicure spent on massage, cuticle work and nail shaping, it would be beneficial for you to arrive with no polish on, it is not obligatory,  just a suggestion.
Pedicures!  Bring flip flops to wear afterwards or you risk smudging your lovely new toe nail paint. We are sure you have all painted your own nails at some time, you know how long it takes to dry. Don’t risk it! Bring flip flops please! ☺
To really achieve better nails and achieve the look you desire we do recommend on-going manicures and pedicures.
How long a varnish lasts can depend on the condition of your nails.

Individual Manicures

Individual Pedicures

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