Strip Waxing

Strip Waxing hair removal is a semi-permanent hair removal. Although the hair is removed from the root, it will go back after 4 -6 weeks, dependant on your growth cycle.  A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin, a cloth strip is pressed to it which will then be then pulled off, and the hair will come out cleanly. This removes the wax along with the hair.

Half leg             £19
3 Quarter leg   £23.50
Full Leg            £27.50

Bikini Line                   £13.50
Extended Bikini Line   £19
Brazilian                      £27.50
Hollywood                   £34.50

Half leg and Bikini            £26.50
3 Quartrer leg and Bikini   £27.50
Full leg and Bikini             £32.50
Full Leg and Brazilian       £50
Full Leg and Hollywood    £57

Underarms  £14
Half arms    £17
Full arms    £20

Lip or chin    £11
Lip and chin  £13.50
Eyebrows      £11

Unfortunately we cannot give you perfect supermodel eyebrows, or remove every single hair in one treatment (hair grows in different stages) so you may have to make a commitment to return to achieve the results you want. The more you wax, the weaker the re growth is. Result! 
Please be aware that very rarely ‘skinning;’ can occur, where the very fine top layer of skin is removed. This looks like a minor abrasion, and will usually clear up in a couple of days. If this occurs please contact us so we can advise you.

You may prefer hot waxing for intimate areas
Go to Electrolysis or Ellipse laser a more permanent solution.

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