Disturbed Sleep

Sleep, like exercise and diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is incredibly beneficial for your mind and body.  Lack of sleep affects how well you think, react, work and get on with others, your creativity, capacity to learn and problem solving skills. 

The beauty benefits of sleep are well documented, while you sleep your body can do its best to repair and renew the cells of your body and skin.

We have noticed at The Beauty Spa that many of our clients report disturbed sleep.   A few notables to examine to see if you can improve your sleep.

Room temperature, don’t leave the central heating on all night, a fresh room with a warm bed will help you sleep.

Quality fresh bedding.  Everyone loves a freshly made bed, so change your bed regularly, at least once a week, and preferably twice.  Quality cotton bedding and a real down quilt make sleeping luxurious.

Electronic devices may disturb you by beeping or ringing, and many think their ‘leakage’ (low level radiation) is actually bad for you. These devices are not as necessary as you think. You do not need a TV or laptop or tablet in your bedroom.  How about an old fashioned alarm clock? If you cannot live without your phone, (it would be better charging in the kitchen), make sure it a closed in a cover and lying face down. Your bedroom should be a clean haven, not just clean of dust but of energy waves from devices. Don’t play computer games before bed; the light stimulates your brain.  You may think it ‘takes your mind off your things’, but it encourages brain activity, not letting it relax, so it is not conducive to slipping into sleep.  Try reading a book, nothing too thrilling, the rhythms of poetry can be lulling.

Alcohol – if it borders on passing out, it’s not sleeping, your sleep will be disturbed.  We don’t think we need to over explain this.

Family members, including pets! Not a lot you can do about this because you love them. Maybe just try to employ some of the techniques here to help them get an undisturbed nights sleep, so you can.

Lavender is probably the oldest remedy for insomnia and disturbed sleep.  The Beauty Spa recommends Neom Lavender products which are specifically designed to aid drifting off to a full nights sleep. The sweet green scent of English lavender, united with sweet basil and jasmine is a heavenly relaxing blend. Neom recommend a 3 step programme for a full nights sleep using the Tranquillity lavender range. Light a candle, use the bath foam, then spritz your pillow with mist.  91% of people reported a better night’s sleep after trying this. With so many people reporting disturbed sleep,  it has to be worth trying.

If your brain won’t stop whirring when you lay your head down, you need to let go and relax to enable sleep. Learning to relax, doing things to relax you (see our holistic therapies) may not solve the problem of whatever your brain is worrying at, but it will help you cope. 

“Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care, the death of each day’s life sore labour’s bath balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course chief nourisher in life’s feast.” William Shakespeare, Macbeth

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