Contra Indications

Skin Specific Facial
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White Brightening Pigment Perfector
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Superfood Pro Radiance Facial 
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Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel (previously Tri Enzyme)
The products used can create a tingling zingy sensation on the skin, so if your skin is very sensitive or you suffer with eczema or roseacea, this facial may not be comfortable for you.

Bio Tec Facials
Not suitable for : Skin suffering from Active Acne, Inflamed Eczema, Tumors or Psoriasis on the face
Clients taking Anti-Depressants (Prozac is fine, but no medications with muscle relaxants)
Clients with Diabetes (insulin controlled), Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, Metal pins/plates or silicone implants in face, open cuts and abrasions, skin and eye infections, severe sunburn, conjunctivitis, styes, Thrombosis/Phlebitis (could disturb/cause blood clotting), Multiple Sclerosis (muscle will not respond).
Clients who are Pregnant
The Line Eraser & Microcurrent Biotec facials are not suitable for clients who have had Botox, or had Collagen fillers in the last 2 weeks. Multiple Sclerosis (muscle will not respond)

Booster Facial
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Pro Collagen Age Defy Facial
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Pro Definition Lift & Contour Facial
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High Performance Skin Energiser For Men 
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All Elemis Body Treatments including Detox & Cellulite treatments
Open cuts and abrasions, recent operations (within 3 months), undiagnosed oedema, infectious skin diseases, severe varicose veins, severe sun burn, severe sunburn and breast feeding. Not suitable during pregnancy